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Yixing JiuHeng mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., the company is located in beautiful Jiangsu Province Yixing Dingshu town Ceramic Industrial Park, is a set of various molds and machinery and equipment R & D and production in one of the enterprises, the company depending on the product quality of life, technology, after-sales service as the backing, the "credibility first, quality first" business philosophy and dedication to the broad masses of users. Companies follow the pace of reform and development of wall materials, fully research the national resource distribution and characteristics, strengthen technology research and product development, and continuously enhance the ability to adapt to the market....
Upper and lower vacuum extruder mechanical and electrical cabinet
Upper and lower vacuum extruder mechanical
Stainless steel testing machine
Pelleting machine
Horizontal cut brick machine
Horizontal cut brick machine
The experiment machine
Upper and lower vacuum extruder mechanical and electrical cabinet
Push cut brick machine
Feeding machine
The flap cut brick machine
4035 vacuum extruder electric cabinet
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  On June 9, 2015 by the Chinese mechanical metallurgy building materials trade unions hai-hua liu, director of the expert committee, member of the "zuoshangyi headed, tiger, Ma Qilong LuanYue, vice President of the union line of the expert panel of five people in shaanxi province mechanical metallurgy building material trade union chairman Zhang Sihua, female working committee assistant director Liu Yingdeng accompanied by deep shan steel group, the union project research work.Shan steel group party committee, deputy director of the trade union chairman Chen Minfeng, trade unions do LanRu and other accompanying research.  Panel line first came to Long Gang ironmaking, steelmaking and steel rolling production site, the site investigation, the current production and operation situation of the company and single worker apartment blocks and worker laundry center the scene view;In Long Gang company after the visit the field research, expert group on the third floor conference room with shan steel group company, Long Gang company, Long Gang group leaders, and grassroots cadres held cordial discussion communication system between the party and the masses.Symposium hosted by LuanYue, vice President of China machinery metallurgy building materials trade unions.  In the symposium, LuanYue for the purpose of this research.Chen Minfeng representatives shan steel group first to the research on the basic situation and shan shan steel group steel group reporting trade union work done in recent years, according to the expert group the focus of the research topic in combination with the practical situation of shan steel group are introduced.Long Gang Xi nine survived, the general manager of our company is enterprise current crisis measures taken in response to market a brief report.Hai-hua liu in the discussion, first, combining the situation of the research on shan steel union under the background of the current difficulties of large iron and steel industry, the work done by given the full affirmation.And pointed out that, in the face of national macroeconomic adjustment, under the condition of enterprise production site orderly, cadres and workers the vigor, fully embodies the shan steel group work as a trade unions;Especially shan steel trade unions in accordance with the "five don't let go" to seize the key work is not relaxed, the union system and guarantee mechanism is perfect, ensure the worker quality promotion, concentrate the power of the worker with the carrier, worthy of affirmation.Expert group members, and all the attendees change trend of the trade unions under the new normal work, encountered difficulties and problems, worker rights, as well as the worker thought tendency and the concerned hot problems of communication.  LuanYue, vice President of China machinery metallurgy building materials trade unions in the discussion of shan steel union next stage work put forward four: one was to bring xi general secretary during the congress on speech recognition model to further implement the good;The second is to make mass economic and technological innovation activities;Do things, party and government hopes that union do worker masses need trade unions;3 it is to the worker's lawful rights and interests safeguard, the basic-level trade union organizations play a good role;Four is to insist on reform and innovation, advancing with The Times, give play to the role of the body of the union members, the worker masses satisfaction is not satisfied with the work as a measure of the standard of our work.  Is: the Chinese mechanical metallurgy building materials trade union expert group the main content of this research is to know the enterprise in the industry structure adjustment, enterprise reform and restructuring, digest excess capacity in the process, the union in the aspect of maintenance worker's rights take practices and approaches, and under the new normal enterprise trade union work faces new situation, new changes, to explore new topics such as how to carry out normal trade union work.